Sandra Dewi Pacaran dengan Donnie Ada Band

Sandra Dewi
Sandra Dewi figure is nearly perfect in the eyes opposite type. But unfortunately, until now the sinetron Cinta Indah still Singles. Issues associated with the proximity Donnie Sibarani have Band vocalist, Sandra Dewi refuse if he has a special relationship with a former paramour Tessa Kaunang.

Sandra is not without reason are reluctant to establish links. "If I have not been to court now because I would not want to court-ending," said Sandra.

Sandra met with Donnie was to prepare a social cooperation. Top of interest, the Ada Band with Sandra will sing songs Pusaka Indonesia. This is the moment that both are often met.

According to rumor, the issue of proximity of Sandra and Donny only to deliberately push up the track. Is correct that?

"Wow, that's not true. Here I want to prove that the name of the band have emerged because of our work. That makes us a great name. Not because the gossip," argue Donny.

Although the claim to only close a job, Sandra and Donny each other to praise each other.
"I see Sandra good, fair, firm, and discipline," praised Donny.
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Daisy Fajarina Diganjar 18 Bulan Penjara

Sidang kasus Daisy Fajarina
Daisy Fajarina, Manohara Odelia Pinot Mom increasingly complex. Can not be long he will serve a sentence 18 months confinement in prison in France, over allegations of violence and sexual harassment against former pembantunya, Shaliha Lanti. Living in detention awaiting extradition process Daisy is Napoleon to the country.

"Red notice has been received years ago, when Daisy fled. If they already have a decision they will move " Ratna said.
According to the Interpol Ratna Sarumpaet Indonesia have found the two-way communication with Interpol France.

"In the case of Daisy lived just waiting extradition. Need attention and care to the problem. We're Fatwa Supreme Court to wait and talk with the President. Indonesia has no official rules on extradition with France. Indonesia need more concrete. Must have letters which was, technically, should be equipped. "Said Ratna further.

At the same time Ratna recommend Daisy to go to France, to serve a sentence 18 months in prison.

"Go just punishment., Only 18 months! after that Daisy can be a respectable person. Go to France!''She said
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Foto Gambar Gossip Andy soraya Ciuman film Susuk Pocong

Andy soraya Ciuman film Susuk Pocong
Andi Soraya oppugn if naked himself in the film "Susuk Pocong." Even if he confessed while still nervous beradegan buss. I only kiss if the scene is still nervous "She said. "I only kiss if the scene is still nervous" he said.
Stars' Anda Puas Saya Loyo'it does not claim to flaunt her body will recklessly in front of the camera. In fact, Andi always discuss with the producers when directed to scene a little exciting.

"The problem we mutually scenes discussions and director does not always force scene," he explained.

Andi said the artist should know the limitations when berakting. Artists also are required to be able to play mind the audience.

Film Title : Susuk Pocong
Actor : Andi Soraya, Dewi Perssik, Melina Zafar, komedian ibukota Yadi Sembako dan
penyanyi Angeliq.

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Foto|Gambar|Daisy Fajarina Masturbasi di Depan Shaliha!

Foto shaliha dan keluarga manoManohara Odelia Pinot mom, Daisy Fajarina really really mad already. At least it is perceived by Shaliha and a power law Ratna Sarumpaet. According Shaliha, Daisy had to do with entering masturbasi hand (sorry, red) to vagina and then insert hand to mouth Shaliha.

"Just this time I hear and deal with the violence done to women by other women. Usually the men do. More mad again, he masturbasi perform in front of Shaliha and this is very inappropriate," said Ratna.

further, said Ratna, in addition to the action that is not appropriate, Shaliha also experienced sexual harassment from the husband of Daisy French citizens, Reiner Pinot. At the time, Shaliha claim to be raped. This is done, and Daisy knew, it was originally indifferent, but it was not long direct vituperate Shaliha considered as children with her husband.

"Pinot not rape me yet,only touch and kiss me. But Daisy send me my guess is back on the night (27 March 2007) as well. I kick myself and expose Pinot expose himself. When it is careless drinking urine would be pardoned if Daisy , "said Shaliha.

Once satisfied coquet Shaliha, Daisy started to persecution on Shaliha. "My neck Daisy, kicked stomach, beaten-use hangers, hair cropped up because of a neck to see her husband on my treatment," his him.
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Kabar Berita WS. RENDRA Meninggal Dunia

mengenang WS. RENDRAPoet WS Rendra age has been closed at the age of 74 years. Pullout performer who often called Si Burung Merak. by Clara Shinta him daughter,witting. Rendra died in Mitra Keluarga Hospital, Jakarta, at about 22:05 on the WIB. He now be buried in the middle of the house Clara Shinta, who is in the Housing Complex Pesona Kayangan, Depok, West Java.
But not yet clear what caused his death. News treated because he suffered heart complications and kidney disease. In fact, when the death of leader Surip 4 August, he had not attended in the pemakamannya Funeral Theater Workshop, Citayam, Depok.

Nick Name:
WS Rendra

Nama Lengkap:
Willibrordus Surendra Broto Rendra

Tarikh Lahir:
Solo, 7 Nopember 1935


Ken Zuraida

- SMA St. Josef, Solo
- Fakultas Sastra dan Kebudayaan Universitas Gajah Mada, Yogyakarta
- American Academy of Dramatical Art, New York, USA (1967)

- The people in the road junction
- Sekda Bird and Mastodon and Kondor
- Oedipus Rex
- Kasidah litany
- The war will not erupt TROYA
- Etc.

Poetize / Poetry:
- Never Scared Mother
- Balada Orang-Orang beloved (poetize Collection)
- Four Bundles poetize
- Rick's Corona
- In Portrait of Poetry
- Bersatulah tart-streetwalker City Jakarta
- Message pilferer to girlfriend
- Rendra: Ballads and Blues Poem (translation)
- Struggle of Suku Naga
- Blues for Bonnie
- Pamphleten van een Dichter
- State of Emergency
- An Old rhyme about Bandung Lautan Api
- Search for Mr.
- Rumpun Alang-alang
- Love Letters
- Etc.
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Sheila Marcia Terancam Masuk Bui Lagi

beautiful artist Sheila Marcia Joseph will again enter the prison because of cassation made by the Attorney General was not too deems. In fact, Sheila did not want to claim to have been considering the case again. When asked about the newspaper, and Sheila is directly cranky.

I do not want to answer the question, "said Sheila. Cash only, when cranky know Sheila, the mother is not far in the near Sheila to ask journalists not to ask about the case that their child.

You do not know if it can re-create Sheila stress. She just enjoys her freedom, why must be asked such again. Are you not pity with him? "Said Mary Joseph to the journalist.

He was already all. So no more questions asked, because it will affect them psychologically, "said Maria.

Maria also expect that what is experienced by children that do not happen again. According to him, do not always put Sheila as women who always guilty.
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Sheila Marcia Ziarah ke Makam Mbah Surip

Not only citizens Depok, West Java who troop to visit locations funeral Mbah Surip. Sheila Marcia was Created curious. To dispel the curiosity, Sheila Marcia was to rein champion Surip.

Sheila confess the sad death singer 'tak gendong'. "Despite not familiar, but I heard the sad time Mbah surip died, "he said. Together with the mother, Maria Cecilia josep, Sheila Marcia berziarah in the graveyard Mbah Surip.
keranda yang membawa jenaza Mbah Suripliang lahat Mbah SuripYasinnan Mbah Surip
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Film Terbaru Dewi Persik Dikecam MUI

Storm problem seems not keep away from the controversial life pedangdut Dewi Perssik,. How do I not, this new new Indonesian Ulama Council statement gave strong through one of the managers. Dewi latest film titled 'Paku Kuntilanak', MUI is considered as semi-pornographic film.

"MUI investigate circumgyration hard film Kuntilanak nails. That was a semi-pornographic film. We ask the government to immediately attract the film from circulation. "Budairy Said said when contacted via phone by cumicumi team Wednesday morning (05/08).

MUI take such a step and look after seeing media coverage on the circulation of the film is played by the wife of this Aldiansyah Taher. According to the film that they disutradarai Findo Purnomo is, it is very unreasonable and inappropriate for comedy by teenagers under age. Moreover, this film has been running in theaters all over the country.

"Movie like this can not be tolerated again situation. Very inappropriate for comedy by teenagers under age. "Add Said. (mich)
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Video You Tube Dewi Perssik Paku Kuntilanak

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Yuni Shara Diberitakan Telah Menika Siri

Yuni Shara Diberitakan Telah Menika Siri

Yuni Shara and Raffi Achmad tell in the series has been married three days ago. Are they married after returning from Raffi Umroh worship?

"That since the divorce with a bang I Hendri, I have never been to weddings with anyone, and the form of betel marriage or marriage official marriage let alone series have a life I do I only bang with Hendri that time, although there are things that we should hide that time. religious differences and others, "said Yuni.

Post Umroh, Raffi Ahmad has been made with married Yuni Shara. When the truth about the news is confirmed, the mother of two children directly. "that's not true, does not have that. I have the same relationship Umroh marriage. This is pure worship just like, "Yuni argue. According to the sister of Velasquez, he was not yet time to end the period lonley. To confess at this time Yuni are enjoying time together with the man who is 19 years old. "I just have to get married. So chill out no need to hurry, "he said. Not only is the younger brother Krisdayanti also support the option to be engaged with the man who is much younger. "I like Yuni interact with anyone, as long as he can keep up the good," said KD. According to KD, together with anyone Yuni is due to choose.
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Foto Jenazah Mbah Surip Sebelum Disemayamkan

Tuesday morning, August 4, conditions worsened. Around 10:00, after breakfast porridge, mouth, removing the saliva mixed with yeast. Fifteen minutes later, he was also to Hospital Health Education Center, which is around two kilometers. However, the champion Surip exhale breath in the last trip to the hospital.

Results indicate otopsi, Mbah Surip died due to heart failure. Condition is suspected due to bad habits Mbah Surip have a bite thick coffee and cigarettes all the time, also due to fatigue busy activity show in the last few months.

He added, mbah Surip died in transit to the hospital. Be as before, the leader Surip well with the song 'Not pickaback' was suffering diarrhea since yesterday.When the morning before breakfast, mbah Surip remove foam from the mouth.

There are a few important things to get right when sculpting the human head. These points will give you a good foundation for making your sculpture look realistic. These are tips that many artist fail to do when sculpting the head.
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Gossip Ussy Sulistyowati Dihamili Andika Pratama

Ussy Sulistyawati must swallow bitter pill.
The rumor is pregnant and have a child with the young Stars Andhika Pratama.
This is evident at the launch of the latest movie Andhika Parama, Ussy accompany Andhika come. "We are close, we are a fluke of Management. Album launch Ussy time I come. Yes one is one of support, while Andika clearly found in Blitzmegaplex, Pacific Place, Jakarta, Jumat (23/1/2009).

"There is news in the infotainment if I am pregnant and already married with a series Andhika. Then I be married without the blessing of parents. That's all not true," said Ussy when found at the meet the press together with Andhika Pratama Adrie Subono in residence at Jl Metro Parks Nature, Pondok Indah, Jakarta Selatan, Sabtu (1/8/2009).

Ussy Andhika confess and disappointed with the weight of one of these impressions infotainment. According to both the narrative form of news broadcast untrue.

"I Ussy and very very disappointed. Because there is no news interviews and any statements from us both. But suddenly the news already have a marriage with a series I Ussy Sulistiawaty," Andhika said.
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Kasus Ahmad Suhaeby Bebas


The case of Ahmad Suhaebi to his wife, Cici Paramida, is also still not complete. Case up to now is still to be decreased and the police still arrested Ebi own police station in Bogor, Tangerang. However, suddenly there are outstanding issues that if Ebi can be released immediately. Gosipnya all of that can happen because Ebi have a special relationship or in other words "dibekingi" Wakapolri.

Ririt also very sure that people with high positions like that might not defend someone who is clearly one. "The period I want to protect a Wakapolri that Ebi has clearly hit his wife? Wakapolri is already a headache thinking terrorist, so,wahy he thinking about Ebi. Better thinking problem countries," accuse him.

From the previous notification, Ebi has been violence in the home that result in injury to Cici. At that time, Ebi being caught with a woman who is not known Cici peak in the region. Feel there is something wrong, even about Cici car Ebi. Ebi loss, and direct. As a result, Cici drop to the asphalt and suffered injury on his face.

"This is something wrong," Zul supplement when already in the car.

Ebi has been made official suspects snared article with domestic violence (domestic violence) Article 44 because the other people injured.

Ebi problem that does not hold even though the status is suspect, Kapolres Bogor, AKBP Drs Suntana, Msi, grounded, according to article 214 should not be arrested for the sake of investigation.

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Berita Pemukulan Okie Oleh Pasha

On 29 July 2009, former Okie reported her husband, Pasha to the police station over allegations of Bogor city violence. According to the description of the police, at that time and Pasha Okie involved talking about their children. However, as there is no meeting point, so that the beating occurred.

Action beating the former wife of the Pasha Okie Agustina Sofyan on Wednesday morning 29 July 2009 in the residential area Cimanggu Okie in Bogor, West Java, apparently got cold reaction from ayahanda Pasha, Said Syamsuddin. According to the old man is a part, made by beating their children is quite normal and reasonable. "Okie Hopefully not broken until the hands or feet. But if the blow-tampar usual, if a wife can put away things that will not happen "said Syamsuddin Said when found in the Galerie Café, Taman Ismail Marzuki, Jakarta, Wednesday (29/07)

According to Syamsudin, Pasha is bye the action because children less rest because show a schedule so tight. "Pasha is working there now he is in only the past she is in Medan. So rest and less emosinya so high level. I disappointed and trivial issues like this be reported to the police. "Regret Syamsuddin Syamsuddin media.Acording to a number of factors other than tired, triggered squabbling with his son Okie Agustina understand the difference caused a problem because the school." This is a problem all schools anak.Mungkin Okie request their children in the United States or Singapore.

Pasha who feel guilty that not even attack back Okie. He confessed the shoulder of what is to be Okie media.
"All the slander and too excessive," Pasha firm fierce.
Then who is correct? We wait only cases that I had this scene in the court process.

Turbulence of the Okie, the Pasha was huff. He does not ask Okie carelessly throw statement in the media.

"I consider all the slander and too excessive. Okie too premature, very-very premature," his him.
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Mengenang Mbah Surip
FOTO KEMATIAN "MBAH SURIP" Mbah Surip who is familiar with the song "Tak Gendong Kemana-mana" died Tuesday at 09.00 hours WIB.
Mbah Surip who is on top of the popularity of the celebrities as much surprise to many parties. However, the fact that Indonesia Ala singer Bob Marley had to go for ever, it feels very heavy in him fans.
Mbah Surip it's not like Michael Jackson. No moonwalk dance style, there is no stage a tremendous attraction, there is no sound soft then suddenly scream, and certainly does not have plastic surgery on his face. But the death of both, has become a magnet into the news in such a magnitude. Corner in the village, in the cafe, even in the cafes of the city elite, champion Surip called name-call.
Hundreds of greeting suicide death sungkawa Mbah Surip this far can be seen from the messages of each user site.

Mbah Surip who called the original Urip Aryanto bin Achmad Soekotjo, born in Mojokerto on 5 May 1957. He includes "street artist" who later days meraup success through song "No pickaback". Business through Ring Back Tone (RBT), is estimated to champion Surip meraup money more than Rp 4.5 billion. The record is quite extraordinary.

But money is not a matter of making champion Surip noise and tune many people. Mbak Surip appear as is, with the makeup ala Bob Marley, the king of Reggae from Jamaica. It was simple, gimbal hair, his voice can be imitated by many people and even lyrics to the song "No pickaback" easy dihafal the two listen to only once.

According Moenir Grace, executive producer Playlist SCTV, who is also leader Surip intimate friend, the song is not pickaback created in a cafe on the island of Belitung around 1990s. This information is different from the information circulating in the media, that the song is not pickaback, created in the United States in 1983.

Gosip,Berita,Cerai Dewi Perssik Aldi Taher

Gosip,Berita,Cerai Dewi Perssik Aldi Taher

"I can not comment, a problem that time. But if it is the best for them, I'm not the problem. Hopefully not happen," said Asep Komaruddin time in the North Jakarta District Court on Monday (27 / 7) afternoon

Concerning divorce, Iyeth Rachmawati,said "I do not know. That is not my affair. Just ask the same question. He is currently syuting."

News Dewi divorce with her husband, Aldi Taher, who come from the nearest of the second pair can not be correct. Meanwhile, Dewi and Aldi not clarificated.

Dewi Persik- Aldi Taher Divorced news will be the news that divided.The news of divorce Dewi Persik and make clear Aldi Taher surprised many who are not sure from the start with both of them settle down. Term, mutually explore each other's popularity.

So, there is news fit Dewi Persik and Aldy Taher divorced, hurry cock incident some time before a matter Jonas Brothers Hot kiss with bule, Aldi Taher jealous. What is this reason?

Gossip concerning divorce Dewi Persik are outstanding even in the space between the trial pedangdut hot and sexy Asep Komarudin in case of Dewi Persik. Dewi Persik new lawyer, Iyeth Rachmawati requested clarification reluctant to provide answers.
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Adegan Panas Dewi Perssik diFilm Paku Kuntilanak

Adegan Panas Dewi Perssik diFilm Paku Kuntilanak

HOT gossip. Dewi Perssik back create upheaval in the newest film, "Paku Kuntilanak." In this film Dewi toples appear willing or open the top of it. Not only that, even the wife of Aldi Taher also does "hot" scene with actors from Malaysia, Keith Foo in the bath tub.

Then, if the owner "goyang gergaji" does not saw snared Pornography Act. what she does make aldi jealous.issues, both had a great quarrel in the location syuting.

What Dewi Perssik responses when asked concerning the existence of the film heat lakoni him during this? "Dewi Perssik Muria Great Goddess is not clearly different. My capacity is only a celebrity and I'm also not ustazah," he said as quoted from, Sunday (10/5/2009)

The Goddess also request to all parties that often mengkritiknya for mum. Let him who is responsible to God. "If the responsibility, though later the Lord opened my heart," he said.

Adegan Panas Dewi Perssik diFilm Paku Kuntilanak

"I am the Goddess only a working relationship, and I also do not know if the household no longer a problem," said Keith Foo at Café FX Only One, South Jakarta.

According to Keith he was not at all know what happens with domestic Goddess. Keith also said, before the start syuting vulgar scenes, all parties have agreed, including the Goddess.

Movies producered Ody Mulya Hidayat is bergenre Horror comedy. But the scene-per-view scenes, some say the film as this film semi BF (Blue Film).
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