Kasus Ahmad Suhaeby Bebas


The case of Ahmad Suhaebi to his wife, Cici Paramida, is also still not complete. Case up to now is still to be decreased and the police still arrested Ebi own police station in Bogor, Tangerang. However, suddenly there are outstanding issues that if Ebi can be released immediately. Gosipnya all of that can happen because Ebi have a special relationship or in other words "dibekingi" Wakapolri.

Ririt also very sure that people with high positions like that might not defend someone who is clearly one. "The period I want to protect a Wakapolri that Ebi has clearly hit his wife? Wakapolri is already a headache thinking terrorist, so,wahy he thinking about Ebi. Better thinking problem countries," accuse him.

From the previous notification, Ebi has been violence in the home that result in injury to Cici. At that time, Ebi being caught with a woman who is not known Cici peak in the region. Feel there is something wrong, even about Cici car Ebi. Ebi loss, and direct. As a result, Cici drop to the asphalt and suffered injury on his face.

"This is something wrong," Zul supplement when already in the car.

Ebi has been made official suspects snared article with domestic violence (domestic violence) Article 44 because the other people injured.

Ebi problem that does not hold even though the status is suspect, Kapolres Bogor, AKBP Drs Suntana, Msi, grounded, according to article 214 should not be arrested for the sake of investigation.