Mulan Jameela Vs Maya Estianti

Mulan JameelaMulan Jameela

Mulan JAMEELA secretly annoyed because the ongoing "disindir" through songs by Maia Estianty, a peer group in the Queen first. "I never have bad thoughts. But, after reading liriknya (song creation Maia), a new reason to think there is words (satire) like that, "said Mulan. Therefore, whether intentionally or not, shall respond in the Mulan song Cinta Mati 2, a video clip has just been created. See only one of the temple of the song lyrics, "Sahabatku limpahkan you never regret all the hearts of men that you consider inamorato seize your heart." Fortunately, now there are many women in the surrounding areas that could be working together.

As we know, Republik Cinta Management has a number of performers such as women and The Mahadewi Virgin.Bicara of The Virgin, one of the personelnya, Mitha, a duet partners in the Mulan song Cinta Mati 2. "Mitha here are very reasonable and good invited collaboration. Was like the same guitar duet aja, but Mitha can play the guitar now nyanyi," said Mulan.

The concept of this video clip does not focus on the game bertutur.Hanya band. All band members are women. The women who are dead memaknai meaning of love. "Liriknya palpable banget. If you have friends that have to be forever until death," said the man hit the this section.