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There is no difference between the means of post-Titi Kamal married Christian Sugiono 6 February 2009 on the back. Titi women remains a workaholic. Currently, Titi confess to focus more on careers, rather than have to immediately have a baby.

But it's not all make the relationship Titi Kamal and Christian Sugiono disrupted. For as much as possible Titi trying to make all balance.

Name : Titi Kamal
Date of Birth : Jakarta, December 7, 1981
Race : Asian, Indonesian.
High : 169 cm
Father : Kamal Badri
Mother : Elly Rosniaty
Career : Actress, Model, Singer, and Business Woman.
Hobbies : Acting, Working, and Theater.
Filmography : D.O Drop out, Ada Apa dengan Cinta, Eiffel I'm in Love, Tipu Kanan Tipu Kiri, Mendadak Dangdut, Tragedi, Do'a yang Mengancam, Barbie3.